Friday, Jan 9th 2015

Touch down at Merdeka square. This was the location where Malaysia declared as independent country. The surrounding buildings are having Europe architecture, left by England colonial periods. The building behind my photo is called Sultan Abdul Samad. Malaysia is currently doing campaign to make it one of the world heritage. Seeing Malaysia as a country , who is still young compared to my country, it really makes me envy. The main point is the infrastructure and public transportation in malaysia is way better. I hope Indonesia will be too.


Saturday, Jan 10th 2015


This is the access street to the Sultan Mosque. A lot of mid east restaurant opening there, but I dont have any intention eating there, expensive and kind of overrated I think.


Finally I got a chance to eat authentic street Singapore Ice cream. They have many variants here and offered with bread or wafer. I choosed the later with choco chips ice cream. The taste is good enough, well I don’t expect a lot from cheap ice cream, huh.

Sunday, Jan 11th 2015

After had a slightly full breakfast at hotel, we took a walk around it, and we found this car, Padang cuisine car, haha



Chicken Hainan Rice is one of special culinary in Singapore

New Year Holiday at Kuala Lumpur and Singapore

It Is Been A Long Time

Hi, it is been a long time since I posted something new here. Well, actually I had been writing in other blog too, the purpose is I just wanna to try how to setup the blog in my personal VPS (Virtual Private Server), using Ghost blog platform. But now, because one and other things, I changed up my mind and wanna start again writing on this blog. Managing many blogs is very bothersome.

So let see what I will write on this blog. Stay tune 😀